Types and Signs of Abuse

There are many types of abuse and sometimes it’s subtle, and sometimes it’s extreme. Without help, the abusive behavior usually gets worse.

Explore this section to learn the different types of abuse that can occur so you can identify the signs much easier. Each type of abuse is serious and the longer you keep it to yourself, the harder it is to make it go away.wheels

Domestic Violence – Domestic Violence is the use of power and control over another in an intimate relationship, cohabitation, or within the family. Domestic Violence can take many forms including physical abuse, psychological abuse, or emotional… [Continue Reading]

Dating Violence – Dating violence is an abusive behavior that is used to exert power and control over a dating partner. Behaviors can be physically or psychologically abusive. A relationship involving dating violence may be serious or casual,… [Continue Reading]

Sexual Assault – Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without consent. Sexual assault may include forced kissing, fondling, rape, or attempted rape. Sexual assault is one of the most under-reported crimes so there is no… [Continue Reading]

Stalking – Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention given by an individual or group towards another individual. In most circumstances the unwanted attention causes the individual to feel fearful that they themselves or someone close to them will be… [Continue Reading]

Elder Abuse – Every year, an estimated 4 million older Americans are survivors of physical, psychological or other forms of abuse and neglect. Many seniors around the world are being abused: harmed in some substantial way often by people who are… [Continue Reading]

Children Who Witness Violence in the Home – Children who witness domestic violence in the home pose the strongest risk of perpetuating the violence behavior from one generation to the next. Young boys who witness violence are twice as likely… [Continue Reading]