Support Groups

Bolton Refuge House-Jackson County Outreach office is now offering The “Power to Heal” Support Groups. This is a time to come together with other individuals who have shared your experiences, so that you can feel empowered to begin your journey to heal.  Support groups will meet each Thursday, from 5 – 6 pm  Contact Peggy for more information  (715) 333-2350.  
Groups are confidential and at no cost to participants.
Bolton Refuge House in Eau Claire offers various support groups such as an Educational Group, Growing Beyond Survival, and the Child Within. Domestic Abuse Educational Support Group is an effort to reach out to victims of domestic violence with valuable information that will enhance their safety as well as the safety of their children. This program includes two series with multiple sessions that are repeated. Discussions will be focused on topics such as Domestic Violence, communication styles, boundaries, and self esteem. You do not need to wait until a cycle begins before attending, you are welcome anytime. All materials and handouts are free; there is absolutely no cost to attend any of these Groups. 
Following the first series of Education, the facilitator may choose to rotate into Series 2, Growing Beyond Survival where topics such as the effects of trauma and coping strategies will be discussed. The last series, The Child Within, focuses on ways each individual participant can heal within their own inner child. 
For more information about Groups, and locations, dates, and times, please click on the link for the brochure below, or you may also contact BRH at (715) 834-9578 and ask to speak to Zola. Thank you and we hope to see you there!